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The Current Plus: It’s VUU To Me!

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Stunning New Fusion concept at VUU Asian Bistro

By Frank Mack

Ohhh baby, do I have one for you. This place is brand new and it’s superb. It is different and oh my stars it is get up out of here delicious. Even in this area, in the phenomenal foodie fields of the Northside OTP, and with all due respect to a lot of really superior restaurant talent all around us, this one is special. The owner is young, new, and just killing a menu with creativity, heart and incredibly good things.


I want everyone to say hello to Mr. Aaron Vuu and his brand new, to die for, Asian, Japanese, Thai fusion restaurant named VUU Asian Bistro. That handsome, inordinately pleasant, incredibly sincere, and wonderfully talented young man has opened his very first restaurant and it is more than a little impressive.

Aaron isn’t alone. He comes from a large family of restaurant people, owners to chefs and everything in between. That allows him to be supported by decades of experience, family experience, surrounding him in his very cool exhibition kitchens. But the menu, that’s all Aaron and its mind boggling.

I love family restaurants and the families that do it at this level of excellence, and their kitchens, are a gift to be shared by us all. Vuu is family. A very talented family at that. Son, brother, father and mother-in-law are all there. And you can feel it. It hits you at the door, in the smiles, in every detail, in every taste. Your family is welcome so come in and enjoy.

Let’s set the stage.

VUU Asian Bistro is a simple glass storefront. Located on Crossville Road in Roswell, in front of the Home Depot. Yes it is an ordinary strip building but the inside is anything but ordinary. There are booths, tables, 10-seat sushi bar and a cool looking kitchen to boot. Its well done, has a spotless interior and of course it smells good. If you are like me you take one look at a menu that ranges from Japanese to Thai and a smattering of other oriental influences and you grimace. No way anyone can pull this off right? But then…
Pho, 8-hours from bones broth and it shows.

Pho is a simple noodle dish. It is peasant food that has to be made from the simple things; bones, herbs, water, heat and time, lots of time. It has to be healthy, pure, delicious, and filling. Peasants don’t fool around, and cheap never has to mean bad in a kitchen. Oh my friends, far from it.

At VUU Asian Bistro they reduce all of that and more followed by a little love into a broth for over 8 hours to create a flavor that is orgasmic in intensity and physics in its complexity and that’s just the simple inexpensive noodle soup. I shouldn’t have to say anything more about the quality and care that goes into everything you will taste, slurp, bite, and belly at VUU.

And that’s the soup, wait, let me get up on a soapbox and say it again—that’s the soup. Wait till you get a load of the rest of the menu. I have been there over and over and in six meals I am getting more and more impressed by everything young Mr. Vuu is up to. Folks, we got us a culinary star in the making here.

vuulobster 150x150 georgia

VUU’s Lobster Volcano

More things I love.

Avocado fries, I can’t explain it, just do it, get ‘em, delicious bites of culinary genius.

The Curry Puffs. (And sadly I dislike curry no end.) But not here, not at VUU. Here it’s delicate, different and these simple pastries are perfections.

The Thai Iced Tea and The Thai Iced Coffee is flat off the hook, otherworldly. I have had versions in a hundred places and for this, for the iced drinks at VUU, the way Aaron does it? I would drive miles and miles passing them all. It’s ridiculous. Please, please, please trust me and try them.

More soup, the Tom Yum, the Tom Kha, one sweet/sour, the other coconut base, both unique, both inspiring.

Those little condiment trays you see? They are not ordinary, not by a moon shot. No exaggeration, they deserve their own cooking show. Each and everyone are carefully handmade, by the ounces, not gallons. Individually they carry recipes, which are deep secrets. They represent a young inventive sense of style, taste and outlandish culinary verve.

Noodles, noodles, and more noodles. Pad Thai, oh boy it’s special. And I love Rice On Canton restaurant, but this is a twist that I like, a lot. The Clear Noodle Salad, big lunch or dinner salad, will blow you away and its 8 just bucks!

Lo Mein, Yaki Udon, more Pad Thai and more noodle soups that rock, fill you all the way up, screaming healthy in every bite. And I haven’t even mentioned the Sushi yet. What can I say, VUU Asian Bistro instantly rockets to a top place Sushi wise OTP. No question about it.

And it’s really inexpensive. Everything I am talking about goes from $8 to $13. And for this level of quality, that’s close to free and I am not afraid to tell you and Aaron that. But what can I say? Aaron Vuu is one of those principled fellows who believe in quality, exceptional service. He wants it the way he wants it and prices it so you can afford it. Those traits are a big part of his personality. Me? I am going to just shut up and enjoy myself. I haven’t worked my way up to the pricier lobster and duck yet but I will. That’s a promise.

In a little storefront, in front of the big retailer, is an adventure in Asian culinary delights that you don’t have to get on plane for. It isn’t downtown or out of town. It’s right here, in our town. A local treasure just for us. Consider it a slightly late Christmas present from your local appetite, me, to y’all. Trust me, you want to go.

Ok, fair warning. As of the writing they hadn’t been approved for their liquor license. If that matters give them a call. They will happily cork your bottle for you.

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