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Keeping It In The Family

Our guide of great places to take friends, family and loved ones this holiday season.

By Frank Mack
As we head through the holidays and you have friends and family visiting you are probably looking for “the place” to take them out to eat. Allow me to be of assistance.

This column is a culmination of my knowledge and experience coupled with two years of culinary “research” as your local eating machine. I don’t have just one favorite. Because of this writing I go into and out of places you would never have. I get around as they say.


These places are, in my humble opinion, the best restaurants around. These folks do it with incredibly hard work, day in and day out. They do it with style, class and wonderful execution. This is not a “rating,” a “list,” or “best of” thing, rather think of it as a circle. All of these restaurants have one thing in common in that they are locally owned. They are driven by dreams not Wall Street. The people, revenue and talent are all ours, all local, no franchises, and no bag in the box. These are our neighbors businesses and those are our neighbors serving us.

I’m very proud of that.

Let’s start with Greenwood’s On Green Street. This place is a true southern classic that is irreplaceable. As long as we have Greenwood’s with those creaky floors, fresh vegetables, fried chicken and smiling faces all is right with the world. Oh and don’t forget the pies. It’s a Roswell standard. And they have never failed me.

Now go from Roswell to Marietta. Please! Visit the square in downtown Marietta and while there experience The Butcher, The Baker. Chef’s Micha and Katie craft perfection in ways that challenge my vocabulary. This place represents farm to table dining on a level that is unique.

While in the neighborhood also visit Chef Marc Taft’s The Chicken and Egg, located on the west side of Marietta and for the East Cobblers there’s Seed, driven by chef Doug Torbush. Both establishments are upscale in concept and practice that will leave you well satisfied and ridiculously happy.

All the way across the northern ‘burbs’ in Johns Creek is a place I hope serves as an introduction to both the Castellucci family and their Italian cuisine that’s so far from normal that it just isn’t normal. It’s called Sugo, yes same folks who owned the one previously on Atlanta Street in Roswell. Simply put it’s magnifico.

Just over in Alpharetta I point you toward three gems and another restaurant family with three great spots. The family is the Sedgwick’s and their restaurants are true perfection. Pure in all of its gas station history and Mexican culinary glory is a great happening spot. Next is The Union. If every neighborhood had a place like The Union our society would be the better for it. Back in Roswell there is Bistro VG on Crossville Road. The décor, food and service are off the charts—some of the best service in the area is had right here folks.
Now, for a treat that is just down the road on Crossville, there is VUU Asian Bistro. Get ready for some of the best sushi that’s within a hundred miles of my house. VUU represents a fusion of Asian culinary arts all under one roof that is remarkable and true. They are even open late night on weekend’s folks. That’s right an alternative to Waffle House!
Meanwhile back on Canton Street in Roswell we have a local culinary explosion taking place. That explosion started with Salt, a great straight up pub that is consistently sharp. Across the street is Little Alley Steaks. This is the powerhouse steak joint folks. The taste makes you forget about the price— trust me.
Just down from Salt is Table and Main who serve up classic southern faire in a beautifully restored cottage. Their reputation is growing, as a regional top spot and Ryan Pernice, owner, and chef Ted Lahey deserve the credit. They are not, however, sitting still. They have recently opened a new Italian concept called Osteria Mattone, also on Canton Street. We’ll have more on this later but the pedigree for success is there.
Also in the Canton Street area I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Lazaro’s Cuban Cuisine for some very authentic Cuban food done to perfection. My man Laz does it right and you can’t go wrong anyplace on his menu. And let’s not forget Rhea’s. This place sits next to a corner grocery on Woodstock and Canton and they serve great messy burgers with a dash of attitude. This is a true “joint” folks—heck lets call it what is, a hole in the wall that blows the doors off of any corporate burger.
I’ll complete my circle with the Oak Street Café on Oak Street in Roswell. It’s run by husband and wife team Joe and Kim McCaffrey. Need a reason to go? How about Saturday brunch. Yea let that sink in… I said Saturday. Now you decide—do laundry or have brunch? I know my choice.
While out this holiday season remember to do some shopping with the locally owned shops. This season I’ve decided to only buy local. I’m done with the corporate guys, let’s keep our money right here. It’s as good for the soul as chicken soup. Happy holiday’s folks. Enjoy all that our communities have to share.

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