VUU Asian Bistro

"A unique blend of traditional Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese with a modern style and flavor."

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Stunning New Fusion concept at VUU Asian Bistro

By Frank Mack

Ohhh baby, do I have one for you. This place is brand new and it’s superb. It is different and oh my stars it is get up out of here delicious. Even in this area, in the phenomenal foodie fields of the Northside OTP, and with all due respect to a lot of really superior restaurant talent all around us, this one is special. The owner is young, new, and just killing a menu with creativity, heart and incredibly good things.

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Keeping It In The Family

Our guide of great places to take friends, family and loved ones this holiday season.

By Frank Mack
As we head through the holidays and you have friends and family visiting you are probably looking for “the place” to take them out to eat. Allow me to be of assistance.

This column is a culmination of my knowledge and experience coupled with two years of culinary “research” as your local eating machine. I don’t have just one favorite. Because of this writing I go into and out of places you would never have. I get around as they say.

Best Asian and Sushi Bar:

880 Woodstock Road, Suite 100
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 650-0288

Owner Aaron Vuu opened this Asian fusion restaurant in August to bring Roswell residents family recipes from Thailand and give them a unique take all his own. Favorite dishes include avocado fries, spicy sesame chicken and golden honey shrimp. All dishes are made from scratch. “We wanted to create a community place for customers, and they truly enjoy it,” says Vuu.

Review: VUU Asian Bistro

Ramen with wontons
 and bok choy
Paper wrapped 
shrimp and crab rangoon
With a last name like mine, you better believe I like Chinese food. My mom used to joke that the only reason I married a Chinese man was for the food, because I've always loved Chinese. Growing up in Salt Lake City, even the heavily Americanized version available there seemed like the most exotic, far away food you could get. And you always had to get it at a restaurant, because the home made versions were never as good. Things have changed, obviously. Not only do I live in a much bigger, more international city now, but formerly exotic ingredients are now almost common place in American cooking. It's not hard to find a good Korean grocery store, stocked to the gills with fish sauce, chinese chives and glass noodles for authentic home cooking. But I'll never quite get over the secret thrill of going out for Chinese.

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What is new with Vuu?

Vuu Asian Bistro PatioVuu Asian Bistro, located at 880 Woodstock Road in Roswell, is my oft mentioned and very favorite Asian fusion restaurant. These guys have done something really very dramatic. Same wow food delivered with loving service, coupled with same devotion to hand-crafted freshness have a new patio. Why mention a new patio? In this area? Big deal right?

Guys, this isn't an ordinary patio. How to describe it? Shape wise it's a big shiny box. From outside closed you'll think a UFO has landed but from inside it is very classy and definitely a step above. It's made from aluminum slats that open with a flick of the remote. In seconds it goes from a sealed weatherproof enclosure to a totally open air dining experience. It has an amazing ambient light system that changes and glows in the evening.  It's tabled with super comfy booths and small sitting tables. And, like I said, it is attached to one of my favorite kitchens. You got to see it to believe it. 

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